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minimum pitch for metal roof featured

The Minimum Pitch Needed for a Metal Roof (Professional Advice)

When it’s time for a new roof, you have plenty of options to choose from regarding the materials. Some of these options are more…

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hastings roofing

5 Highest-Rated Roofing Companies in Minneapolis (Reviews)

We all know that dreaded feeling— something goes wrong with your home, and now you have no choice but to call a contractor to…

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6 Top Roofing Companies in Saint Paul (Contact Info)

Needing roofing service is stressful, whether it's repairing one missing shingle, replacing an old roof, or filing an insurance claim after a storm. The…

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6 Best Metal Roof Repair Contractors in MN

Homeownership is exciting and joyous when you first move in. And then, over the years, home repairs seem to always creep up at the…

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