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gauge of metal roof choosing best material

Metal Roofing Gauge Sizes: What They Mean

"Gauge" is used in a variety of applications. If you've ever checked the air pressure in your car tires, you used a tire gauge.…

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metal roof insulation keeping rooftop insulated

Metal Roofing Insulation: How-To’s + Tips

Metal roofing is known for being a show-stopping roofing material. It's quickly rising in popularity among home and business owners because it's: Durable (lasting…

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metal roof house color combinations

7 Best Metal Roof & House Color Combinations

There's nothing quite like the feeling that arises when your home is a perfect reflection of who you are. And there's nothing quite like…

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how to measure for a metal roof tips and tricks

How to Correctly Measure for a Metal Roof

The difference between a fad and a trend is that a fad comes and goes very quickly, but a trend sticks around for decades.…

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how long does a metal roof last featured

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last on Average?

If your asphalt roof is more than 25 years old, it may be time to start looking for a replacement. You've probably heard stories…

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minimum pitch for metal roof featured

The Minimum Pitch Needed for a Metal Roof (Professional Advice)

When it’s time for a new roof, you have plenty of options to choose from regarding the materials. Some of these options are more…

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How Long Does a Metal Roof Installation Take?

Modern metal roofs are quickly gaining popularity thanks to their many benefits, including: Durability (lasting 40-70 years) Fire resistance Low-maintenance nature Sleek aesthetics That's…

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6 Best Metal Roof Repair Contractors in MN

If you need roofing work on an existing metal roof or want a new one installed, finding a reliable roofing contractor is an easy…

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