7 Best Metal Roof & House Color Combinations

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that arises when your home is a perfect reflection of who you are. And there’s nothing quite like the slight discomfort when your house just feels… off.

As you’re preparing to personalize your home’s exterior or build a brand-new construction, you may be interested in durable and stylish metal roofing. Many homeowners are making the switch to metal roofing— since it lasts 40-70 years, you likely won’t ever need another roof replacement!

There isn’t as much information out there about metal roofing colors and how to style a metal roof with the rest of your house, so that’s why we’re here to help! As Minnesota and Wisconsin’s premier metal roof installation team, our crew put together this picture guide of the best metal roof & house color combinations.

1) Dark Gray Roof, Greige Siding

We promise “greige” isn’t just a silly made-up word. It has gained legitimacy in interior and exterior design as a subtle combination of gray and beige— hence the name greige!

A dark gray metal roof pulls out the gray in greige siding without making the design too monochromatic. We love how soft and pleasing to the eye this color combination is. This is a fantastic choice if you prefer neutral colors but don’t want to blend in with every other modern subdivision.

2) Black Roof, Neutral-Tone Siding

metal roof house color combinations white houses

Is there any roof and siding color combination more timeless than black and white? Pretty much every home style under the sun looks great with a black roof and white siding. And when you opt for a metal roof, sleek standing seam panels look just as lovely as metal tiles.

A simple color combination like this also lends itself to incorporating other pops of color. The magenta tree blossoms pictured above make for a beautiful landscaping choice with a black and white house. Alternatively, you can opt for a bold, primary-colored front door like yellow, red, or blue if that’s something you’re interested in.

3) Light Gray Roof, White Siding

If crisp, bright, and airy is a design choice you’re drawn to, then we recommend a light gray metal roof with white siding. This adds a modern twist to the classic black-and-white style. Light colors all around make your home look larger than it is.

You can see in the Pinterest photo above how this roof and siding combination even creates a beachy feel without being too literal. Whether you have a large farmhouse or a cozy modern bungalow, this combo is sure to brighten up your block.

4) Brown Roof, Red Brick Siding

metal roof house color combinations brown houses

If you’re lucky enough to own a home with original red brick siding, you definitely want to maintain the integrity of that classic home style. A brown metal roof is a perfect complement to the brown tones that peek through in red brick siding.

While standing seam panels and metal shingles both work well in this design, we’re partial to metal shingles or tiles like the ones pictured here. This way, you can reap the benefits of modern metal roofing while still maintaining the look and feel of more traditional roofing materials.

5) Brown Roof, Sage Green Siding

Are you a nature lover? Whether you’re renovating a cabin in the woods or simply making your house in the city feel more true to your style, really lean into those earth tones!

While a green metal roof is an option, we find that pairing a brown roof with sage green siding is a less-harsh way to obtain that earthy exterior style. Brown standing seam panels or metal tiles are both very effective in this design.

Incorporate modern ties like white trim around windows to tie the whole look together. Lean into green and woodsy landscaping rather than bright florals with this home design.

6) Gray Roof, Blue Siding

Dark blue siding is one of the most up-and-coming home exterior choices. Since the siding is on the darker end, we find that a mid-gray metal roof lets the blue siding shine without two dark colors clashing. (Although we’re pro “navy goes with black,” but that’s a debate for another day.)

You can really go bold with this exterior home design. In the photo above, you’ll see that the homeowner incorporated natural wood tones near their front door, as well as a pop of primary red porch chairs. Crisp white trim solidifies this as a modern design.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in a few years, this is definitely a metal roof and siding combination that’s sure to boost your curb appeal.

7) Copper Features, Stone Veneer Siding

Some homeowners absolutely love leaning into metallic tones on metal roofing. The polished shine that comes with materials like copper gives an expensive, regal feel. (That’s because copper is one of the most expensive roofing materials out there!)

If you’re budgeting to make your home as eye-catching as possible, you might consider copper roofing. Since copper is so expensive and forms a blue-green patina after 10-20 years, most homeowners opt to include copper features rather than installing an entire copper roof.

You’ll see here that this home features composite shingles on the main portion of the roof, while the front overhangs have copper roofing. Since copper is so regal, why not pair it with another impressive material like stone siding— as pictured on the home above.

Since real stone siding is very expensive these days, you can cut costs by opting for stone veneer. This material looks just like real stone, but it’s made out of composite materials instead.

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