Should You Stay Home During a Roof Replacement?

Are you having your roof replaced soon and asking yourself, “should I stay home during roof replacement work, or should I arrange to stay elsewhere while the work is being done?” 

This is one of the most common questions people ask before signing their roof replacement contract. While the answer is simple, there are certain things you’ll need to understand about the logistics of roof replacement and the considerations for you and your family.

Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement Work?

Whether or not you stay home during your roof replacement is entirely up to you. Your roofing contractor shouldn’t have an issue if you choose to stay in your house while the work is being done. However, whether you should or shouldn’t stay home during the replacement depends on a variety of factors.

Most of the time, your contractor will recommend that you stay elsewhere, especially if you have children and pets. Here’s why:

Roof Replacements Are Very Loud and Distracting

loud roof replacement while family stays at home

If any of your nearby neighbors have had construction done on their homes, you know how noisy it can get. Of course, the noise is ten times louder when the work is being done in your home.

If you have a two-story house, the noise from above may be muffled enough for you to stick it out compared to only having one story. However, it still won’t matter where in your house you spend your time because the hammering of nails alone will be enough to drive you crazy. 

Your Pets and Children May Not Appreciate the Noise

As an adult, you may be able to put up with the noise from sun up to sun down, but your children and pets likely won’t be able to handle the stress. Animals are especially sensitive due to having extraordinary hearing capabilities, which will amplify the noise tenfold. 

If you have a dog or cat that’s bothered by fireworks or thunderstorms, chances are they’re not going to be okay with all the pounding and banging that goes on during a roof replacement. Young children may also become extremely stressed, and while you can board your pets, you can’t board your children. So, you’ll want to put their needs first.

You’ll Need to Stay Out of the Roofers’ Way During Installation

When you hire a roofing contractor to replace your roof, you need to do two things: Trust that they know how to do their job and listen to them when they tell you to stay out of the way as much as possible for your own safety.

If you choose to stay home during your roof replacement, you’ll need to be extremely careful about coming and going and which rooms you enter in your home. Once your old roof is completely torn off, the crew won’t be able to see over the edges to know if other people are walking around outside of their designated footpath. 

While your roofer won’t be recklessly throwing debris and tools around, if you’re standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could get hit. Of course, your contractor will let you know when and where they begin tearing off your old roof, but if you’re constantly “checking” on their work, you’ll be putting yourself in harm’s way. 

family stays home during roof replacement but parks their car on street out of the way

You May Have to Park Elsewhere

Another important consideration that homeowners forget about is where they park their cars. Professional roofing contractors will do their best not to block your driveway, but that doesn’t mean your cars will be completely safe or that you won’t get blocked in at some point.

Your parking considerations will also depend on the size and layout of your home as well. If you’re lucky enough to have a detached garage and driveway towards the side of your home, you likely won’t run into any issues. However, smaller homes or areas with less street space may pose an issue.

The last thing you want to do is stop the contractor in the middle of their work to clear a space of nails, debris, and tools so you can come and go. This will cause the roof replacement to take longer than necessary to complete.

It May Get a Bit Cold

Your roof exists to help keep your home safe and warm. While it may be safe to stay in your home during your roof replacement, an open roof can cause your home to get a bit drafty. It’ll especially be unbearable if you’re having the work done during the colder months, and you’re not going to want to run up your energy bill by blasting the heat.

family staying inside during a roof replacement

Staying Home Has Its Benefits Too

In many instances, staying home during a roof replacement may not be an option. However, if you’re able to stay home and don’t have to worry about kids or pets, you won’t have to worry about the following:

  • Spending extra money or inconveniencing other people. Roof replacements can take anywhere between one and seven days, which means you’ll either have to stay in a hotel (which can get expensive) or make arrangements to stay with a friend or relative.
  • A lack of communication. A reputable contractor will keep you informed during the entire process. However, staying home means you get to oversee the work daily, and you can talk to the contractor in person for immediate updates.
  • Being inconvenienced. Having to leave home for a while means packing up your essentials. This is even more inconvenient if you have to pack for your young children and pets, and there’s always the chance that something important will be forgotten that you can’t go back to get.

Making the Right Decision

Deciding whether you should stay or go during a roof replacement isn’t a difficult choice once you take the above into consideration. Your contractor will walk you through the process and make a recommendation based on the size and shape of your home. Of course, if they tell you that staying home isn’t a good idea, you’ll want to listen to them — after all, they’ve done this before!

Level Edge Roofing & Construction makes roof repairs and replacements a breeze. Book a free inspection with us today, and we’ll help you decide whether it’s in your best interest to stay home during the project!