7 Best Metal Roof Colors for 2024 (Energy, Style, & More)

Are you interested in joining the club? The metal roofing club, that is. Home and business owners across the country are making the switch to metal roofing because it’s:

  • Durable (lasting 40-70 years) 💪
  • Affordable 💸
  • Stylish ✨
  • Fire & rot resistant 🔥
  • Eco-friendly ♻️

What’s not to love, right? Metal roof panels are quite different from the asphalt shingles that most homeowners are used to. So, when making the switch to metal roofing, you need to consider how it will affect the appearance of your home’s exterior. Along those lines, you need to choose a great color!

To help you out, we’re going to break down seven of the best metal roof colors to help you find the perfect one for your home.

1) Light Gray

Our team is a big fan of light gray metal roofs. They offer such a stark difference from traditional asphalt shingles without being gaudy or attracting negative attention. Light gray metal roofing pairs wonderfully with light-colored home exteriors like white siding or stucco.

Opting for a light gray metal roof completely brightens up your home exterior. Not to mention, there are a lot of energy benefits to a lighter color roof. Light gray metal panels will reflect the sun’s UV rays, which means your home won’t absorb as much heat.

Especially in warmer climates, this is a fantastic feature to ensure you’re saving money on cooling bills. That’s right; the right metal roofing color can help your HVAC system not work as hard, making you and your wallet more comfortable.

2) Black

There isn’t a roof color more classic than black. Black is the go-to choice for most homeowners, as it can perfectly complement most siding colors and materials. Whether you have a brick home, an ultra-modern new construction property, or one with classic siding or stucco, a black metal roof will tie everything together.

Metal roofing is most commonly seen as standing seam panels, but you can also find it in metal tiles or shingles. Black metal tiles are a popular substitute for slate or concrete tiles, as they offer the same visual appeal without the hefty price tag.

Whether you’re interested in the look of standing seam panels or metal tiles, black is a timeless color that you can’t go wrong with.

3) Green

Now, for something a bit more bold. If neutrals aren’t really your thing or you love nature, then you might consider a green metal roof. You can choose from many different shades of green, although deep forest greens are the most popular.

You’ll most commonly see green roofs on cabins or other homes surrounded by nature. Brown brick or other brown siding makes for a great pair.

4) Metallic

If you’ve got cash to burn and want an ultra-premium roof, then you can opt for a copper or zinc metal roof. Although copper and zinc have the highest price tag of all metal roofing materials, they offer the longest lifespan and some of the most beautiful aesthetics available.

Copper, especially, has a quintessential metallic look that can be hard to replicate. Keep in mind that you should consider the architectural style of your home and the exterior designs in your neighborhood. Copper and zinc are very ornate, so you don’t want your home to feel out of place, especially if you’re considering selling it eventually.

With that said, copper and zinc roofs are simply gorgeous and pair well with neutral-toned siding. If you don’t want your entire roof to be metallic, you can opt for copper features instead, which is a popular choice among many homeowners.

5) Terracotta

As we mentioned earlier, metal roofing can be made in the form of metal tiles and shingles in order to resemble other premium roofing materials. One of those materials is clay tile! Clay tile or Spanish tile is most popular in the American West or along the Southeastern coast, although you’ll find Spanish tile roofs scattered across the county.

If your home currently has a clay tile roof or you really admire the style and want one for yourself, terracotta-colored metal roofing is a fantastic substitute. Terracotta metal tiles look just like the real thing and offer impressive longevity without the large upfront price investment. Plus, metal tiles aren’t as heavy as clay tiles, so you likely won’t need to add any structural support.

7) Blue

To some people, a blue roof may seem like an abomination. To others, it’s a design dream come true. While a blue metal roof won’t appeal to homeowners who prefer neutral tones, it absolutely appeals to homeowners who prefer bold, bright colors.

You can opt for different shades of blue, but cobalt is the most common. If you have the right architectural style for it, a blue metal roof paired with white stucco siding could emulate the iconic blue-roof properties in Greece!

If a blue metal roof doesn’t feel right for your home, it’s a more common choice for commercial properties.

8) Brown

Last but not least, we have versatile brown. A brown metal roof could be taken in a more rustic direction for a property in a wooded area, or it can complement modern neutrals well. Brown is a very popular color for asphalt shingles, so if your current roof is brown, you may want your new roof to be brown as well.

Brown metal roofs work well with both light and dark siding colors, making them easily accessible for a wide range of styles.

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