Metal Roof Cleaner: How to Get an Effective Clean

Metal roofs are like the popular kid at your high school who was good at everything. You know… that person who was valedictorian, a star athlete, a skilled musician, and somehow still really kind to everyone. Metal roofs have a lot going for them too.

At a glance, metal roofs are:

  • Durable (They last up to 70 years!) ????
  • Affordable ????
  • Aesthetically pleasing ????
  • Fire-resistant ????
  • Low-maintenance ????️

But even though they’re low maintenance, that doesn’t mean they’re completely maintenance-free.

If you want your metal roof to reach its full potential, it’s necessary to perform upkeep like yearly cleanings. You don’t have to figure it out on your own— we’re here to help you learn how to make and use your own metal roof cleaner, plus all the do’s and don’ts that come with it.

Why It’s Important to Clean a Metal Roof ????

As a homeowner, you probably already know why it’s important to clean and maintain many aspects of your house. But almost all homeowners will agree that maintaining a house is hard work, and time easily slips away from you each year.

With so many other details of your home occupying your mind, it’s understandable why your roof may fall to the back burner. However, just like it’s important to mow your lawn and get annual furnace tune-ups, it’s also important to clean your roof!

metal roof cleaner clean

Performing an annual roof cleaning ensures:

  • Your metal roof reaches its full lifespan. You don’t want to pay for a roof with a 70-year price tag only to have it last 30 years.
  • You limit the risk of ice dams and other damaging elements. If debris sticks to your roof and remains there, you risk algae growth, ice dams, and other issues.
  • Your curb appeal is maintained. If you plan to sell your home in the coming years, it’s vital to practice regular upkeep so that you can maximize your investment.

Metal Roof Cleaning Do’s ????

Now, cleaning your roof may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. As long as you’re comfortable working on your roof, you can make a simple but effective cleaning solution with items you probably already have around your house. Follow these tips to ensure the cleaning goes smoothly.

DO Use a Nonabrasive Cleaning Tool

Even though metal roofs are tough and durable, they still need to be treated with care. Opt to use a gentle cleaning tool, such as:

  • Soft bristle brush
  • Soft washcloth
  • Nonabrasive sponge (but avoid foam)

Less is more when it comes to cleaning your metal roof, so even a gentle cleaning will go a long way.

DO Put Safety First

If you’re going to get up on your roof or even stand on a ladder at the edge of your roof, you need to practice the necessary safety considerations. Roofing is consistently one of the most fatal jobs in the country— and that’s for trained professionals! If you want to tackle your own roof cleaning project, be sure to:

  • Always have another person around to stabilize your ladder and lend a helping hand
  • Wear fall protection gear, such as a roofing harness
  • Wear sturdy, rubber-soled shoes
  • Work in small sections at a time
worker spraying metal roof cleaner on metal sheet roof

DO Make Your Own Gentle Cleaning Solution

You don’t need to buy a fancy metal roof cleaner at a store. You can simply make your own solution! There are three good options for cleaning metal roofing: soapy water, a detergent solution, or a vinegar-based solution.

Soapy Water

Fill a bucket with warm water and mild dish soap. Use a soft cloth to scrub the roof.

Detergent Solution

Fill a bucket with warm water and add one cup of laundry detergent to it. Mix them together and use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe away residue on your roof.

Vinegar-Based Solution

Mix one cup of vinegar with two cups of water in a bucket. Use a soft cleaning tool to wash your roof. This solution will help your metal roof keep its shine.

DO Sign a Contract if You Hire Someone Else

If you decide that you’re not comfortable cleaning your own roof or you simply don’t have the time, it’s recommended to hire a professional. If you do hire a professional to clean your roof, be sure to sign a contract in case anything gets damaged. Everything from the service date to the type of cleaning tools used should be documented in writing.

metal roof cleaner brown

Metal Roof Cleaning Don’ts ????

Keep these “don’ts” in mind before you tackle cleaning a metal roof. These tips will help keep you and your property protected.

DON’T Work In Extreme Weather

Avoid performing this task on hot, sunny days or in rain. Metal panels reflect the sun on sunny days, which makes the panels extremely hot. The glare from the sun could also impact your vision. Avoid working on a rainy day to decrease your chances of slipping, falling, and injuring yourself.

Dry, overcast days are the best for this project.

DON’T Use Harsh Chemicals or Abrasive Tools

Avoid pressure washing! If performed incorrectly, pressure washing can cause more harm to your metal roof than good. If you’re committed to the idea of pressure washing, be sure to hire a skilled professional to handle the job.

Additionally, don’t use harsh chemicals like acids or paint thinners, and avoid abrasive materials like sandpaper, steel wool, and wire brushes.

DON’T Put Off Your Roof Cleaning

Even though it’s hard, don’t let roof cleaning fall to the wayside. Schedule a cleaning once a year— you can even time it around the same time as your annual roof inspection.

a man standing on a ladder spraying metal roof cleaner on roof

Leave All Things Metal Roofing In Our Hands

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